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the otherside press afterlife research and mediumship - tosp is an afterlife magazine featuring topics from afterlife research afterlife education and mediumship history to the modern day it is owned by the assmpi american society for standards in mediumship and psychical investigation, mediumship mastery the mechanics of receiving spirit - mediumship mastery the mechanics of receiving spirit communications the ultimate guide stephen a hermann on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers a first rate medium steve hermann understands that through mediumistic abilities one can share great truths and be a vessel for healing what is also a rarity is this first rate medium s compassion for all life, amazon com parapsychology a handbook for the 21st - etzel carde a holds the endowed thorsen chair of psychology and is director of the center for research on consciousness and anomalous psychology cercap at the university of lund in sweden a fellow of the american psychological association and the association for psychological science he has more than 300 publications to his name, becoming a medium the easy way to mediumship - becoming a medium article about becoming a medium by craig hamilton parker this is part of a whole series of articles about how to become a psychic medium from my book psychic school we start off here by questioning motives and whether you are called to this work, mediumship and the law psychics mediums network - mediumship and the law do s and don ts of mediumship this is part of our distance learning project dlp specially written for us by violet kipling dlp1 part 3 edited by craig hamilton parker click the logo on the left for more info about our online classes mediumship is used to give back hope to many people but the office of mediumship has been known to be misused and abused, single male looking for a self study into mediumship - if you re serious about doing i d think that rather than posting here discussion on a forum focused on those abilities and or corresponding with those who are practicing mediums would be the way to go maybe work out an inexpensive way to take some intensives at a place like the monroe institute you are correct that actual experience is ultimately key, accepting and developing spiritual gifts body soul mind - in today s world more and more people are accepting and developing spiritual gifts and incorporating them into their everyday life bringing balance and harmony to the body and soul mind and spirit if we ignore any aspects of ourselves and don t utilize parts of our personality our souls become fragmented, jstor viewing subject anthropology - jstor is a digital library of academic journals books and primary sources, where is the good karma in your horoscope jessica adams - i found this fascinating but i am dubious about my own jupiter placement it is in capricorn but my professional life has been something of a disaster with my never erally finding my niche and for the last 3 years since i was made redundant from teaching i ve struggled to find a job and to make ends meet, jane robert s seth describes our life after death the - many of you are probably already familiar with the groundbreaking channeled works by jane roberts in the 60 s and 70 s for those that aren t i believe an introduction in order for you have been missing out on some of the most astounding esoteric and deeply philosophic metaphysical works ever produced through channeling in this post, spirit orbs spirits in your photographs toronto - spirit orbs are balls of energy that show up in some of your photographs some people think that this is a spirit and other people say it s just a speck of dust reflecting light have you ever seen spirit orbs in your photos what does it mean if you see them around one person in, home crystal voyage keys to transformation - practitioner s hall alongside the store following the red wall not the yellow brick road we offer services by highly skilled practitioners massage craniosacral reiki medical intuitive tarot spiritual readings spiritual development classes past life regression and mediumship